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Welcome to Our Family

It is each of our life’s mission to help other women in making the decision that is right for them. We are here to support you in any way we can and will always do so without judgment. We are here for you whenever you decide you are ready to talk or text, day or night.

We provide free options counseling to birth parents & new parents considering adoption. We are here to

help you explore your options and let you decide on the best choice for you and your baby. We can help you make your own personal adoption plan. We are ready to help you with one of the most important decision of your future and life.

Each one of us here at Hudson Hearts has been personally touched by adoption. We are an all-women staff made up of adoptees, birth mothers and adoptive parents. Hudson Hearts Adoption is part of the Hudson Valley Adoption Services organization.  Hudson Valley Adoption Services has been servicing the adoption community for over 12 years and the staff has combined over 75 years of service helping Birth Mothers make an incredibly brave and meaningful decision by creating a family for someone else.


Welcome to Our Family

Each one of us here at Hudson Hearts has been personally touched by adoption. We are an all-women staff made up of adoptees, birth mothers and adoptive parents. Our staff has over 75 years of combined experience and service helping Birth Mothers make an incredibly brave and loving decision.

Meet Your Staff

Adriana Cabrera

Adoptee/Birth Mother Support

Adriana has personal experience of being on two sides of the adoption triangle. She was adopted as a toddler, and she placed her newborn daughter for adoption almost two years ago. Because of her experience with this process, and the relationship that she has with the adopting family she chose for her daughter, she truly understands and desires to help those in similar positions. Adriana is a huge supporter of adoption and is here to be a resource for those who want to know more about either side of adoption. Adriana is attending the University of North Texas where she is studying for her bachelor’s degree in Social Work. Once she graduates, she plans to continue helping others on a personal and professional level.

Marley Price

Adoptee/Birth Mother Support

Marley holds a very special place in her heart for all things adoption. She was adopted as an infant, and she is extremely grateful to her birth parents for their choices that have led her to her success in life today. Her personal connection has instilled in her a deep understanding of the complexities and joys entailed in the lifelong journey of adoption. Marley has attended the University of Texas at Austin studying Social Work, and will be graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Social Work with a minor in Sociology in May 2024. She also currently works with The Arc of Texas as a case manager for their special needs trust, and spends parts of her weekends working at a daycare. Marley enjoys spending time with friends and family, being outside and connecting with nature, watching TV shows, and traveling.

Elisabeth Wallock

Adoptee/Director of Domestic Adoption

Elisabeth has worked as a devoted adoption specialist for over 20 years. She was adopted as an infant and has wonderful and meaningful relationships with both her family and her birth family. Elisabeth is especially honored to work with birth parents as she feels connected to the love, strength, and bravery it takes for a birth parent to consider making an adoption plan for their baby. Every day, she dedicates her work to her own birth mother’s brave decision. Elisabeth has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Texas in Austin and masters-level work in Psychology from Antioch University in California. In her free time, Elisabeth enjoys spending time with her family & friends, reading, watching movies, & traveling.

Amy Bresler

Adoption Specialist

Amy has been both personally and professionally connected to the field of adoption for over fifteen years and is extremely grateful to be a part of building families. It continues to be her honor to work with birth mothers and adopting families alike – from first connections and through the entire process, Amy is always there to support and guide everyone with the utmost care and respect. In her spare time, she loves spending time with her family which includes 3 amazing children, and traveling to visit her friends and family in different countries. Amy graduated from York University with a degree in Psychology.

Talia Tubman

Birth Parent Counselor

Talia has spent over 17 years working to support all aspects of adoption, with a special focus and passion on supporting birth parents. She is compassionate, and nonjudgmental and feels that being a birth parent counselor is the privilege of her life. Talia has respect and gratitude for the birth parents that she gets to work with, and knows that it is an honor to support them through their adoption journey. She is a trusted, reliable resource for all members of the adoption triad. Talia holds a Master’s Degree in Professional Counseling from Lakeland University, in Wisconsin. In her free time, she enjoys traveling with her family, volunteering with her daughter’s Girl Scout troop, and hiking with her husband and two very sweet dogs.

Ruthie Rich

Executive Director

Ruthie has worked in both international and domestic adoptions for the past 40 years. She feels privileged to have been a part of the adoption journey for hundreds of birth parents, adoptive families and their children. During Ruth’s tenure as Executive Director of her former adoption agency, she created and grew a very successful domestic adoption placement program and brings this expertise to Hudson Valley Adoption Services. Ruth is a graduate of Boston University, completing her degree after raising her four children. Ruthie enjoys spending her free time with her husband and family, driving her grandchildren to baseball games and dance lessons, and binge-watching the Food Network.

Laurie Slavin

Adoptive Parent/Founder/

Laurie is an adoptive mother of three children. She has worked for over 30 years in support of all members of the adoption triad. As an Adoption Attorney and Adoption Agency Director in Florida and New York, she understands first-hand the lifelong challenges and rewards of adoption. Laurie completed her bachelor’s degree at New York University in the Harlem Institute for Teachers and her law degree at University of Illinois. After law school, Laurie joined the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and while at the EEOC, she served in local and national union positions with the American Federation of Government Employees, AFL-CIO. Helping to create new families through adoption has always been and continues to be a life’s work full of joy and gratitude.

Paige Barnes

Birth Mother/Adoption Specialist

Paige has supported women considering adoption for over the last 30 years. When Paige was 17 years old, she became pregnant with her daughter whom she placed for adoption. She placed her daughter in an open adoption which has allowed for the fantastic relationship they continue to share 30 years later. Because of this, Paige is passionate about the option of adoption. She has a heart for connecting with other birth mothers and anyone associated with or interested in adoption. Paige attended Texas A&M and graduated with a degree in Psychology from the University of Houston. She enjoys spending her free time with her husband and two teenage sons, running her boys around, reading, listening to podcasts, and DYI projects.

Our History


Founded in 2010 in Upstate New York, we started preparing adoptive parents with adoption training and home studies throughout the Hudson Valley and the Capital Region. We reached out through social service organizations and councils of non-profits to publicize our services, and from 2012 through 2019, we developed a vibrant placement program of adoptive and birth parent services throughout eastern New York. During the pandemic, we continued our work on the birth parent side and partnered with other agencies to provide the widest possible range of choice for our clients, helping them to choose an adoptive family, and to make post adoption communication agreements that would work well for all of the parents and, of course, the children, until reaching adulthood.

The world of adoption is always organically changing with the needs and circumstances of the participants. In 2021, we began to plan with a new management team, and decided to begin a transition. We are now also known as Hudson Hearts Adoption, and have begun exploring ways to continue to serve our clients with the same level of excellence and commitment.

Our mission remains the same. The well-being of children is our priority. We believe that every child deserves a permanent home in a nurturing environment, and that adoption is a lifelong process.


We know this is not an easy decision.  Everything you share will be kept confidential. Once you complete the form, call or text, we will reach out to you.

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