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We know first-hand how much time and effort you have put into the decision to grow your family through adoption. By now, you have probably heard of the term “home study” and that is because it is not only the most important tool in your adoption readiness, but it is also a requirement by law in any adoption, whether you are working with an agency, or an attorney, and planning to adopt domestically or internationally.

A Home Study consists of a home visit, interviews with all family members (or individuals living in the home) and document submission (including, but not limited to: birth, marriage and divorce certificates, medicals, child abuse and criminal clearances, reference letters and proof of income).

HVAS can complete your (domestic only) home study whether you pursue a private independent placement (working with an attorney) or placement through HVAS or another agency. Home study fees consist of a $500 application fee as well as a fee of $3,050 for the full home study. There may be additional costs for out-of-state child abuse clearances. In some situations, we will conduct an update to an already completed home study. The fee for this is a $500 application fee, plus $1,850-$2,100 for the home study update.

When you are “Home Study ready” through HVAS, you can be confident about evaluating whatever adoption opportunity comes your way and you can become part of an adoption plan that suits you, without delay.

Frequently Asked Questions about Home Studies 

Will someone have to physically come into our home? If so, how often and what will they do during the visit?

Yes, a licensed social worker will visit you in your home. How many visits depends on the state you live in as each state may have different requirements. We will work with you to get each visit scheduled at a mutually convenient time.

I have a home study from a foster care program, may I use this for a private domestic adoption?

No, a home study from a foster care program or even an international adoption program are not accepted for domestic adoptions. We will review what will be needed in order to complete a home study for a domestic adoption.

What if I move after my home study has been completed (and before I have a child in my care)?

Any change in family life, including a move, will need to be documented. To do so, we will work with you to do an update so that your Home Study reflects this change. If you move out of our catchment area, we will locate a resource to update your Home Study.  

Which state do I need to live in for HVAS to complete my HS?

HVAS is licensed to do Home Studies in the state of New York. 

If you do not live in the state of New York, we work with some of the country’s most reputable adoption practitioners from coast to coast and can refer you to someone in your state who may help with your Home Study.


What if I do not live in one of the states HVAS is licensed in?

We work with some of the country’s most reputable adoption practitioners from coast to coast and can refer you to someone in your state who may help with your Home Study.

I already have a Home Study, can I still join your placement program?

Yes! We do require that anyone joining our domestic placement program has an HVAS approved Home Study. In order to have your HS approved, we would do a Home Study review and approval.

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