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Katie & Mike

Katie & Mike Hudson Hearts Adoption

Thank you so much for taking the time to look at our profile book! We know in our hearts how brave you must be to be considering adoption for your baby. We grew our family through adoption when we welcomed our sweet Angelo into our lives. Although we can’t know exactly how you are feeling right now, we do know that this is not an easy decision, but it is one filled with love. We promise to honor your choice every day.

We hope that as you get to know us through these pages, you will feel in your heart just how much your baby will be loved in our family, unconditionally. We are so honored that you are reading about us and would be happy to answer any questions you have.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for considering us to join you on this journey.


All our love,

Katie, Mike and Angelo
Katie & Mike Hudson Hearts Adoption
Katie & Mike Cover Hudson Our Adoption Story
Katie & Mike Cover Hudson Our Adoption Story 2

Our Adoption Story


Having children in our lives was something we had both always wanted. Soon after we were married, we tried to start our family but after a while, it became clear that we needed to get help from a fertility specialist. After some testing, we were told that we would not be able to have any biological children. It was a lot to process but we never gave up on our dream of becoming parents. We spent a lot of time researching and discussing our options and the more we learned about adoption, the more we knew that this was without a doubt the right path for us.

We adopted our son, Angelo, when he was born in February 2020 (right before the pandemic really hit!). During our adoption journey, we got to meet his birth parents as well as his extended family, both before he was born and after. This was such an amazing experience for us. Though we felt an instant connection with all of them, we also had to have honest and open conversations about their wishes for Angelo, as well as ours.

Our Promise to You


The truth is, we all had Angelo’s best interests at heart, which is such a beautiful gift. It has been our promise and our priority to make sure Angelo knows and understands the love his birth family showed in choosing adoption and in choosing us as his parents. We provide Angelo with a happy and safe home, which is what we would also provide for your child. We all love to laugh and look forward to joking around the dinner table about what your child learned at school or listening to him/her tell funny stories. Our parenting style with Angelo is overall relaxed and gentle. We are making sure that he is starting to understand right from wrong as he continues to grow.

We hope to always help your child achieve their goals and follow their dreams; to provide them with a strong education and expose them to sports, music, art, and to help develop their potential interests, whatever they may be. We want to teach them to understand and respect other people’s differences and embrace what makes each person unique. No matter what, we will love your child unconditionally, with all of our hearts.

About Us


We met fourteen years ago when we were both starting medical school in Maine. Every year, there is a BBQ orientation for all the new students and there we both were. We soon became close friends and bonded over many stressful hours of studying. We loved hanging out together – from playing basketball, going out to eat (we love all foods, but our favorites are pizza, Italian, sushi, and Taco Bell!), going to the movies, and getting together with our friends. Our friendship turned into love, and we eventually were married nine years ago. Since we adopted our son, our bond has strengthened as we have watched each other become parents.

In our free time, we like to hang out with our family and close friends, play with Angelo and watch TV together after Angelo goes to bed (we love Stranger Things, Top Chef and Succession to name a few!). We take Angelo on fun adventures, including family vacations to Rhode Island where we play on the beach, eat tasty dinners, and go to the zoo!

About Katie

written with love by Mike

Katie is the most compassionate person. Her family and friends will tell you that if they are having a bad day, she will turn it around. She has a wonderful laugh and a great sense of humor! Katie is a pediatrician (a children’s doctor) and she just has a natural way of connecting with her patients and their families and makes everyone feel at ease. She has a lot of flexibility when it comes to her schedule which has been wonderful in raising Angelo and will be when we welcome a second baby into our family.

Katie is also an amazing cook and loves making creative dishes (some favorites include chicken enchiladas, meatloaf, Stromboli, and homemade pizza) and since I cannot cook (and I love to eat), I am very appreciative! In her free time, she enjoys spending time with those she loves (most of all, Angelo!), working on crossword puzzles, and skiing.

Katie would do anything for anybody, and she puts the needs of others before her own needs, especially when it comes to family. She genuinely cares for others, and all these qualities and skills have made Katie the perfect mother.

Katie has been a natural at being a mother since Day 1. When I watch her spend time with Angelo, I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone be more committed and devoted. The excitement and joy Angelo has when they are together is unmatched. Their special alone day each week is on Wednesdays, when they sing, dance, color, go to the playground, and have playdates with other children. And with Katie’s job as a Pediatrician, I know any child in our home could not be in safer hands. Katie has unlimited love to give, and there is no doubt that she is ready to provide the same love and attention to your child.

About Mike

written with love by Katie

Mike is truly the best father. His family and friends will tell you that he is the most loyal person they have ever met, and I agree with them! You can always depend on Mike, no matter what. I knew that he would always put me and our children first, which is part of the reason that I fell in love with him. He is also very silly and tries not to take life too seriously. He and Angelo are always giggling and causing trouble.

Seeing him become a father has truly been amazing and I cannot wait to experience it again. He has perfected his dad jokes!

Mike loves the NY Yankees and so does Angelo. On the weekends Mike is usually playing baseball with Angelo in the backyard, taking him to the playground or playing basketball at home. I know that I can always count on him to make me laugh and that he will always have my back.

Mike is a Gastroenterologist (stomach doctor) and loves what he does. His career has given him the flexibility to spend time with Angelo and I, as well as provide financial stability. Every decision that he has made has been with our family and our future in mind. I know that Mike has so much more room in his heart and I cannot wait to see him as a father of two one day.

About Angelo


We welcomed Angelo into our hearts and our world when he was born two and a half years ago. We like to say that he is a little boy with a big personality. He can be very silly, and he is also athletic and already loves to play sports – especially baseball and basketball. His favorite movie is Toy Story and his favorite TV show is Blues Clues. Angelo also loves watching his favorite team, the New York Yankees, with his DaDa! Angelo likes going on family hikes or even just for walks around the neighborhood and saying hello to the dogs. We just signed him up for swimming lessons and he loved his little soccer program – it was so cute to watch!

Angelo loves to play with other children and is very social when he is at preschool with his friends. He comes home and talks about his day and all the kiddos he played with.

Our extended family adores Angelo, and he loves them back! He sees his grandparents weekly (if not more often) and our other family members often as well. We know that Angelo will be a wonderful big brother and will look forward to playing ball with his sibling. In addition to having a silly side, Angelo has a huge heart and cares very much about those who are close to him, and we know this is why he is going to be a compassionate and protective big brother.

Our Home

We currently live in a four-bedroom home on a quiet street in a suburban area of New York. Our home is warm and welcoming with plenty of space for a new baby. We spend most of our time downstairs in our kitchen and living room area. We also love our backyard which is very private and has a lot of room to play.

We really enjoy having our family and friends for dinner. Mike also likes to decorate for the holidays, especially for Halloween and Christmas! Our neighborhood is full of children, and we are excited about raising our family here.

We live very close to a town on the water with restaurants and ice cream shops, and we enjoy taking walks through the downtown area. We love to visit our local library, and the schools in our area are excellent. These are just some of the reasons we chose to live here!

Our Loved Ones


Both of us were raised in loving and supportive families, each with three children. Mike is the oldest of three boys, and Katie is the oldest of three girls. Most of our siblings live within a three-hour drive, which has allowed us to have close relationships with all of them. Mike’s parents live within an hour, and Katie’s parents live within three hours of our home. Both sets of parents (and now grandparents!) are very involved in our lives, and Angelo’s.

When Angelo was born, everyone could not wait to meet him. They were, and still are, so excited for us! Mike’s parents see Angelo at least once a week, if not more often, and Katie’s parents spend time with Angelo at least every one to two months when they come to visit. Our families are very supportive and cannot wait to have another little one to play and laugh with, and shower with love.

In addition to our family, we have several close friends, many with children. We love to have play dates, and everyone is looking forward to adding another child to the group.

Holidays & Traditions

Traditions are important to both of us. Mike’s extended family always gets together for Thanksgiving – around 30 people in total! Some of the day’s activities include flag football, cornhole, Kan Jam, and eating lots of turkey and stuffing. Katie’s family enjoys Christmas; on Christmas Eve her father makes La Vigilia, a traditional Italian feast with multiple courses. On Christmas morning, we all open presents in our pajamas. Mike also insists on watching his favorite Christmas movies in black and white – A Christmas Carol and It’s A Wonderful Life, while Katie prefers Chevy Chase’s Christmas Vacation and A Christmas Story!



We love to travel. There is something really wonderful about exploring the world and getting to experience different cultures (and food!). Some of our favorite places to travel have been Italy, the Bahamas, Canada, Vermont, the Poconos, and we always try to return to Maine yearly (we are still hoping to spot a moose!).

Becoming parents along with the pandemic have put some of our travel wishlist on hold but once the kiddos are old enough to take it all in, we are really looking forward to sharing our love of travel one day! Seeing the world through their eyes will be a dream come true for us



We hope that through this book you have learned a bit about our lives and how excited we are to adopt again. Angelo joining our world (and our hearts!) was one of the best things that we have ever done and it is our dream to welcome your baby into our family. We have a wonderful life full of laughter and love and cannot wait to share this with your child.

There are very few words that can express the appreciation that we feel towards you and your decision, so we will just say thank you. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for allowing us to grow our family, which would not be possible without you.

With love and gratitude,

Katie, Mike and Angelo