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Megan & Josh

Martine, Jacob, Ronan and Lyra Hudson Hearts Adoption

Dear Expectant Parent,


We are Megan and Josh, and it is so nice to meet you! Even though we are meeting through these pages to start, we want you to know how grateful we are that you are taking the time to consider us as adoptive parents for your baby. We can only imagine how hard this decision is for you and we don’t take it for granted.

As you read the books from all the different families, we imagine it may be hard to feel like you really get to know anyone off the page. But please know that we have tried our very best to show you our most honest selves here and hope that as you read about us, you might want to learn more. We would love to hear more about you too and are here to answer any questions you have for us.


With love,

Megan & Josh
Martine, Jacob, Ronan and Lyra Hudson Hearts Adoption

Our Adoption Story & Promise to You


In full transparency, our journey to adoption has been pretty straightforward. We have always been passionate about having children through adoption, and while we have considered having a baby biologically, that is just not the route we want to take. The truth is, we’ve always imagined ourselves as parents and we are eager to start that journey sooner rather than later.

In our nine years together, we have grown as individuals and as a couple. We are ready to be parents and can offer a loving home for your child. We don’t need a genetic connection to be the foundation for a child-parent relationship. We have asked ourselves what family means to us, and we have come to realize that we consider our friends to be just as important to our lives as our relatives. To us, we have created a ‘found’ family through friends and loved ones, so it makes sense that we would have a child in the same way.

We see becoming parents as a big but thrilling shift for us. We know this will be a significant change to our lives, but we are looking forward to shifting our priorities and adapting our lives to being parents. We are already constantly thinking about how to include your child in our everyday lives, from long walks around Brooklyn to spending time with family and friends. We are also excited to share our passions with them; Josh’s love for sports and biking, Megan’s for reading and theater. We imagine your child will guide us with their own interests too. We are so looking forward to learning what they enjoy doing so we can support them 100% in all that they want to do and accomplish in life.

It is important to us that our home be one that is loving and honest. We already prioritize this with one another and that is something we will definitely continue with your child. While every home needs structure and boundaries, we think having the ability to talk openly as a family is incredibly important for building meaningful and loving relationships, especially as adoptive parents when your child is sure to ask questions as they grow. We are committed to providing space for your child for all types of questions, concerns, or fears so we can help them grow into their best selves.

No matter what, we will love and support your child unconditionally. More than ever, we are ready to become parents and would love to hear more from you about your wishes for your baby, for an adoption plan, and for yourself too.

Martine, Jacob, Ronan and Lyra Our Story & Promise

About Us


We met nine years ago, just four blocks from where we live now, in Brooklyn. A mutual friend of ours hosted a game night at her apartment (which is hilarious looking back since Josh is decidedly not a board game person!), and after we exchanged numbers, the rest is history! Our shared interest and career in theater administration combined with our Midwest upbringing meant that we were incredibly in sync from the start. Since then, we have grown as individuals and as a couple. We have always been proud of the fact that while we have a lot in common, we are our own individuals with unique passions.

Josh is an avid sports fan – we have certainly bonded over watching Ohio State games over the years! He also loves to bike around the city. We’ve started to go on a few rides together as I have learned and grown more comfortable biking on city roads. One of our favorite trips was a summer ride to Coney Island for the day.

We cherish spending time with friends and loved ones. From week to week, we like to schedule dinners or host friends at our place, see a Broadway show, or start a new show over dinner (our most recent binge was “The Last of Us”). If we don’t have plans and the weather is nice, we like to go on long walks around Brooklyn. We often end up at Brooklyn Bridge Park, Red Hook or somewhere in Park Slope. It’s been a great way for us to explore new areas and catch up at the end of the day.

Martine, Jacob, Ronan and Lyra About Us
Martine, Jacob, Ronan and Lyra About Us 4
Martine, Jacob, Ronan and Lyra About Us 2
Martine, Jacob, Ronan and Lyra About Us 3
Martine, Jacob, Ronan and Lyra About Us 2
Martine, Jacob, Ronan and Lyra About Us 3

About Megan

through the eyes of Josh

Megan is the most honest and open person that I know. It was these qualities along with her drive that really drew me to her. Megan wants to truly know what you are feeling and is really easy to talk to. She is driven in her job to perform at the highest level and to advocate for those being left behind.

Megan is a big reader and loves a great story. On a rainy Sunday afternoon, you will most likely find her snuggled up on the couch with her Kindle.

Motherhood will come naturally to Megan. Her openness and willingness to learn will lead our growing family to amazing things. She is ready to nurture and support your child where they are at and will love them deeply and unconditionally. Watching her relationship with our nieces grow and their love for one another is a pure joy and I cannot wait to see her as a mom!

About Josh

through the eyes of Megan

When I first met Josh, I was immediately smitten with his joyful personality and optimism. Throughout his life, he has learned how to stay in the moment and truly enjoy it. I so appreciate his ability to see the bigger picture while also taking things in stride. He is goofy and always ready with a smile – whether it’s with our friends or just me – and he loves the chance to have a heart to heart with his closest friends.

In his free time, he loves a good football game, biking, binging a show, or an impromptu dance party with our nieces. As a producer, he has the chance to create new live experiences and shows for young audiences, working with brands like Sesame Street, Nickelodeon, and Blippi. Working with so many personalities, he does a great job of staying calm while encouraging those around him.

There is no doubt in my mind that Josh will be an amazing father. He was born to be one and I am amazed at how natural he is with kids. Whether it’s a wrestling match or playing tag, he’s always down to play. But I also know he won’t shy away from the hard things as kids develop and start to ask questions. We both feel strongly about honesty and transparency, and I know he will appreciate those moments as much as the playful ones.

Our Loved Ones

Josh’s family mostly lives in Ohio. He grew up in a small farming town with his mom, dad, and sister, and it was common for him to see his extended family week to week, including his grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins, at family cookouts or dinners. When we visit, we love to spend time with the whole group, playing cards or eating potluck food. We also enjoy our quieter time there when we can just hang out with our more immediate family which includes our two nieces, who we can’t get enough of. It has been so meaningful for us to be a part of the girls’ lives from afar and we love running around with them when we can.

Megan’s family is much smaller, and we spend the most time with her parents, brother, and sister-in-law. Her mom has been a constant support throughout her life, and her parents have been incredibly supportive of every stage of our lives together.

We are also lucky to have a core group of friends who we see regularly in NYC, including people we have known since college who have become constants in our lives. Both of us have maintained special relationships with friends from our hometowns too, and it has always meant a lot that we have been able to keep those friends close over the years. Wherever we are, we like to try out new restaurants, see a show together, or play cards at our place.

It’s been incredible to share our adoption journey with those closest to us. We cherish how supportive our friends and family have been, and we love that they have been asking us questions along the way. It has felt like we are learning more about the process together and seeing how families are formed in different ways

Needless to say, everyone is very excited to welcome a new baby into the family (especially our two nieces!).

Home Sweet Home


We were thrilled to move into our new place last year. With our dream of becoming parents through adoption, we knew we needed more space – something that isn’t always easy to find in New York City! On a whim, we saw our current home and fell in love. It is a family-owned home that has a quirky, grandma’s house vibe when you walk in. The apartment itself is spacious with a large master bedroom, living room, a kitchen with more cabinets than we can fill, and a second bedroom waiting for your little one.

We are so thankful to be living in our neighborhood which has so much to offer. There are many restaurants just around the corner from us, as well as excellent schools. We are a short, beautiful walk away from Prospect Park, Brooklyn Library, and the Brooklyn Museum. It has a really lovely feel as you walk around and has always been somewhere we wanted to put down roots and start our family.

Holidays & Traditions

Over the years, we have made it a priority to visit both of our families in the Midwest for Christmas. This tradition has turned into our annual road trip from NYC to Indiana and Ohio – a trip we try to make at least once or twice each year. We usually spend time with Megan’s family in Indiana before going to Josh’s in Ohio where we see his entire family. It’s always fun to experience the feeling of having a large family around where there are cousins, grandparents, nieces, and siblings together at once.

Since we live away from our immediate families, we try our best to have weekly phone calls to stay connected. Facetime has been a great way to see our nieces, who love to show us their latest and greatest gymnastic moves or drawings.

For us, birthdays have become a time to spend with our friends in the city. More often than not, we will reserve space at a restaurant so everyone can stop by when they can, but we also love to save the day for just us so we can treat the other to a show, dinner, or just some quality time together.

As you can probably see, holidays are a time for us to be together with our loved ones. We are so excited to share our traditions and create new ones with your child one day.

Ellen & Daniel Holidays and Traditions 1
Ellen & Daniel Holidays and Traditions 2
Martine, Jacob, Ronan & Lyra Conclusion

We can’t thank you enough for taking the time to get to know us! As you read and learn about different families, we truly appreciate you including us in your thoughts. It’s true that we are not in your shoes but we can imagine that this is not an easy decision you are faced with. We hope that as you have gotten to know us, you have felt some comfort in knowing that we are ready to open our arms (and our hearts) to your baby, and to you.

When we dream about growing our family through adoption, we would be honored to include you and your family as much as you might like. We don’t see this as something that’s possible without you, and we would cherish the chance to include you in whatever way feels best.


With love and gratitude,

Megan & Josh


We know this is not an easy decision.  Everything you share will be kept confidential. Once you complete the form, call or text, we will reach out to you.

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