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 Hi, I’m Elisabeth & I was placed for adoption at birth.

Hello, I am Elisabeth and I have a very personal connection to adoption.
I was adopted as a baby through an agency just like this one.

Adoption is something that is very close to my heart and over the past 15 years I have been working with birth mothers who are considering adoption and have placed their babies with loving families.

Usually, birth mothers need someone to help and guide them through the adoption process, including deciding if this is right for them and their baby. But almost always, birth moms just need someone to talk to.

Either way, I am here for you. I hope you will feel comfortable to reach out anytime. Just give me a call or text me at 917-744-7678

My experience and adoption journey with Elisabeth & Amy was very good. They were wonderful and helpful. They did not pressure me, and they let me know it was my decision. I never felt judged. (Read More)

Birth Mother


I had done some research to see what agencies would be best for me and found one that I liked. I then submitted my contact information to receive some more information about the agency. When I received that phone call from Amy, I immediately knew I was in good hands. Her tone of voice instantly assured me that she was there for me and throughout the process, she was just very honest and genuine in her efforts to help me. (Read More)  

Birth Mother


A Promise to Our Birth Mothers

As soon as you decide to work with the Hudson Hearts adoption agency, you become part of our family. We are here to give you confidential, non-judgmental, caring support. We are here for you from your first phone call to long after your adoption is finalized.

We hold your hand and care about what you feel is best for you and your baby and are here to support you no matter what you decide. After your adoption is finalized, we will continue to support and assist you in reaching your long-term goals and interests.

We are happy to provide birth parent references upon request.

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We know this is not an easy decision.  Everything you share will be kept confidential. Once you complete the form, call or text, we will reach out to you.

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